Discovery Without Expectation

Sep 7, 2023

At the turn of each calendar, I reflect on my work from the year prior, often through a lens of critique beneath the guise of ambition. In January, however, inspired by a longing to photograph more freely, where curiosity meets observation, I chose a fresh mantra that would serve as my guiding compass: discovery without expectation. 

This spring, as I prepared to embark on a voyage across the Atlantic, touching down on the African continent for the first time, I felt liberated by these words. 

With newfound creative freedom to explore the world – beneath the vast starscape in the oldest desert on earth – I realized this novel perspective through which I perceived the world was simply the rediscovery of why I fell in love with the art and expression of documenting connection between people and places.

Work for Desert Quiver Camp in Sossusvlei, Namibia.


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A Haitian child blows bubbles and plays with her friends in Port-au-Prince, Haiti