Lauren Neal

Female portrait, travel and humanitarian Canon photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio

Lauren Neal is an international photographer and  writer who celebrates the beauty of family dynamics and the value of connection.

With a background in psychology and over a decade of experience engaging in the international nonprofit sector, Lauren brings a unique depth and nuance to her work. Her motives to educate on more ethical and effective practices for supporting vulnerable families stem from the four years she spent working for a local NGO in Haiti. There, she witnessed firsthand the trauma, corruption, and complexities of exploitive orphan care systems within international aid and how, when the nuclear family unit is severed, the natural support system is broken.

Today, Lauren uses her camera to share stories through an ethical and empathetic lens, bridging the gap between diverse cultures and communities to bring awareness to the value of family. In her 7 years of working as a photographer, Lauren has had the privilege of documenting hundreds of blended and diverse families all across the globe. Whether she is creating family portraits or partnering with nonprofits, Lauren is passionate about celebrating and strengthening human connection. 

In addition to photography, Lauren is available to serve as a consultant and content creator for local and international NGOs, nonprofits, and advocacy organizations, with a focus on building more sustainable practices for keeping families together.

Lauren is based in Ohio and is available for commissions and collaborations worldwide. She speaks English and Haitian Creole.

Lauren Neal stands alongside two Haitian boys at school overlooking the Caribbean ocean in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Source Matelas, Haiti, 2016


I believe in the transformative power of human connection because it’s about people. It’s always been about people. A divine collision of souls, a serendipitous encounter between beings, a connection which, at its moment of intersection, transcends time and distance – even if only in a memory. 

I believe in a life led with empathy, always; in discovery without expectation. In listening quickly, observing intently and speaking gently. Condemning, never

I believe the search for contentment is a silent surrender to all that is fleeting. Because home is not a place but a feeling. Heart shattered, then scattered. Neither here nor there; it’s everywhere and it’s nowhere. In the places traversed and the ones yet explored. Grief serves as a reminder that as long as we feel, we breathe. And as long as we breathe, we live. 

I believe travel is a way of life – a means to expand  perspective, confront privilege and challenge preconceived notions. By crossing borders, we learn our ways are not the only ways. Then, and only then, can we begin to bridge the gaps in-between. 

I believe delighting in the experience ultimately leads to the greatest reward, found rarely in earthly possessions and often in love. Noticing both the rhythm of the mundane and the thrill of the extraordinary in harmonious balance. A lens through which to express, to expend, to justify, to amend. Because life, in the end, is actually quite simple — it’s not what we achieve or the legacy we leave but how we spend the brevity of our days and who we choose to become.

Two horses stand side by side in Iceland

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