Lauren Neal

With a decade of experience engaging in the international nonprofit sector and eight years in digital communications and strategy, Lauren uses ethical tactics to amplify impact through storytelling. Having been exposed to the glaring corruption and exploitation that can exist within the international nonprofit space from the four years she spent living and working in Haiti, Lauren now seeks to bridge the gap between the developing world and foreign aid to encourage healthy donor relations and inspire sustainable change. The unique challenges faced by nonprofits in effectively conveying their mission and engaging with their audience can be addressed and accomplished through compelling messaging, engaging content and empathy-led strategies. Whether you need assistance with content creation, ethical storytelling, email marketing or donor communications, Lauren will help you build a powerful and persuasive narrative that resonates with your audience.


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for ViBella

“Depi w viv ou konnen w’ap pase mize men pa dekouraje.” We walk along the gravel path as the September midday sun beats down upon us. Beads of sweat begin to form on her temples but her bright smile remains. Read more here.

Looking Back: Reflections on the past year at Lighthouse

for Jesus in Haiti Ministries

Certainty has all but dissipated entirely over the past 365 days as COVID-19 has collectively challenged our world in more ways than we could have ever predicted. Read more here

Winter Moisturization for Sensitive Skin

for MD Complete

Dry, itchy, irritated, sensitive skin—sound familiar? As the temperatures drop outside and the air gets drier, chances are, at some point, your skin has been affected by these seasonal changes. Read more here.

Gervens, A symphony in progress

for Jesus in Haiti Ministries

It’s been nearly five years since Gervens was reunited with his family after seven years apart. Looking back, it’s difficult to believe he spent a significant portion of his childhood growing up at the Lighthouse without them. Read more here